Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New York is Awesome

We had such a great time in New York. We had several flight delays getting there with all of the wind and rain, but as soon as we arrived, it was gorgeously sunny for the rest of the trip. We got hooked up with a place to rehearse at the Mannes school to prepare for our Aspen Music Festival audition. It's a very homey, petit building, and it really reminded us of the old Conservatory of Music building in SF. We kept seeing familiar faces, but we were too afraid to say hi, just in case they were really strangers.

Since half of our quartet is Korean, we had to get to Koreatown to eat some Seoul food. We ordered at least half the menu at all the places we went but for some reason didn't get full enough. Right before our audition we went to an Indian buffet, which might've not been such a good idea, but definitely worth it.

The audition took place at Nola Studios and we had a 30 minute slot to perform for the legendary Earl Carlyss. We talked most of the time about our backgrounds and future goals. We had some ups and down in our playing, but got through it all alright. We're not sure, but after we played a movement from Haydn, some of us hear him say either "terrific" or "perfect."

After our stressful afternoon, we got some bows rehaired, took some pictures, and then absolutely had to get more Korean food. Still didn't get full though. We met up with some SF friends and had a blast all night long. Now we are back at Kent and waiting to hear from the Aspen festival with our fingers crossed.

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