Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Banff Audition

We got to Cleveland Institute of Music about 15 minutes late. Sometimes you just can't trust a GPS. We were cutting through the city at a snail pace and getting stuck at every signal. When we drove up to the audition location, we kicked Charly our of the car before parking so that he could tell whoever in charge that we were on our way. Luckily, they were running quite a bit behind schedule, so we were able to get settled inside. We didn't get a chance to warm up, but we performed really well under the hurried circumstances. Barry Shiffman from the St. Lawrence String Quartet was there to hear our 10 minute performance of movements from Debussy and Bartok 4 string quartets. The room was tiny and he sat about 2 feet from us but seemed to be enjoying himself especially when Charly played an awesome solo in the Bartok.

Afterwards, we just had to go out and take some photos in the freezing cold. Andrea agreed to take off her jacket while the guys just stood there warm as can be. She even has heels on that barely cover her feet, but you would never know that she is frozen solid. We found a nice open area downtown and shot several angles.

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