Saturday, February 13, 2010

Keep it Coming

Snow is up to our knees this week and it's been hard getting around, but definitely worth it. Everything is beautifully covered and while it's been difficult getting around the slippery ice, we are enjoying every minute of winter here.

Last night, Andrea broke an E-string and we took a brief pause from rehearsal, but when we started up again Charly broke an A-string and he didn't have a spare so we had to stop. Too bad that the cheapest cello strings are still around 40 bucks compared to under 5 bucks for an E-string.

We had a full day lined up with lessons, coachings, orchestra, and history class, but the weather canceled some of that so we went out to eat Thai food with one of our coaches at KSU, Ivan and Daniel's girlfriend Jenny. The portions were gigantic, but it was okay because we ended up staying for over three hours. It is nice having a decent asian restaurant around the area. On Friday, we are off to Cleveland for our Banff audition and we look forward to it.

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