Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Time is Short

It seems every time we talk about the weather, it changes so this is the last time. Its been cold. It was windy and rainy and certain flowers are gone and making room for new ones. The quartet has been doing pretty well with gigs here and there working on all the new stuff. The best is when we get fed...there is not much to eat in Kent.
Daniel and Annabelle (from the Aidan String Quartet) did a joint recital and some friends and family stopped by. The day before, Daniel stuck his hand into the corner of a CD case. The scab now looks like a black mole.
After some patchy rain, the air cleared up and the moon came out looking like a fingernail. Still not many stars here because of a giant Walmart letting off ambient light all night long.
Jedi mind tricks don't really work on Eric but Robby (cellist of the Miami String Quartet and our coach) still insists on trying.
We go to and from school several times a day now and it's hard not to miss one another on the road...

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